How to Do Backlinking to Get Unlimited Traffic ? SEO 2020

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SEO Advance


SO Again Seo 2020

Left Topics Explanation and Learn SEO.

Before that Do you Know Some Interesting Facts about SEO

  • 75% of SEO is off-page and 25th is on-page
 2 key parts to up your SEO: attracting links and creating your content relevant for the word individuals square measure checking out

These parts  called off-page (on somebody else’s site) and on-page (your site).It’s necessary to initial create your content relevant by as well as the words you're hoping to rank for in key areas of your page.

  • Page titles - the foremost necessary on page part when content

The biggest mistake most websites create isn't having a good page title. because the second most vital on-page SEO part (after relevant content), it's essential to possess a targeted page title.

  • The top five results Always get 75 % Clicks.
In the SEO world, the highest five results get seventy five.75% of the clicks

 thus focus your efforts on many valuable words and build content around those terms. Don’t unfold yourself too skinny or you’ll end up the jack of all trades and master of none.

Now We'll Have some Knowledge on Left topics in Previous Blog, I do not want to skip your Flow ....

  • Link Building Basics - Backlinks
  • Search Intention
  • Optimize Your Images to Drive More Traffic
  • Use Keywords that are in your Blog in Heading and Subheadings.

  • Link Building Basics - Backlinks
   First of All I want to say that : - Backink Creation Is Most Easiest Way of Getting Unlimited Traffic and It is very Easy to do.

Actually This is my Experience , 

First thing first always 

What is Backlink ?

Backlinks area  incoming links to a webpage. 
When A Page Connects to Another website page , it is Backlinking.

 Backlinking Actually Put you on Google Ranking list.
A page with loads of backlinks attended rank higher on all major search engines, as well as Google.

The goal of link building is to urge alternative web siteto say (and link to) your website. 
We can Actually Say it : Off page SEO.

backlinks are the backbone of Google’s algorithmic rule since day, they’re still SUPER necessary.

links ar still powerfully related with initial page Google rankings.
Bottom line? Links are a massively necessary a part of SEO. And that’s not going to vary anytime before long.

 Now How to do Backlinking like how to Create like how to get traffic from other websites?

First of All, Comment on Your Types of Relevant website Mostly but you can Comment on any Website.

Like if your comment on shyri website and your website is technical , so it can get you 1 views but no 100  and it is one day visit.

but if you comment on technical website, it is like your website , then it will get you more than  200 views.
This will be daily visit so you will get daily views .

1.Commenting on Others Blogs .

    Now Like we have opened a Website
    and This website has A Commenting Section in which we can types our website also.

so If anyone see that in Comments, there is a Name which has a website, he will click and he will be on your website.

so by commenting traffic comes likes this.

 My experience says that this is the best Way of getting More traffic than 10-20 views , in Earlier days, you will not get trafffic.  but after some days you will see in traffic source tab, there is a website from where traffic is .......

2. Traffic by Improving Wikipedia.

 we can actually get traffic from wikipedia by Improving its Content.

you will likw example search Cyber security 
then  in last of page, you will External Links.

You can add your blog link there.  Yes. and Its free of cost. 
if your blog is relevant to thier content, then it will not remove, 
other wise wikipedia bot will remove your link.

So This can get more traffic to your Blog.

  These are two Best way that i think Can get More Views on your Blog.

Now Backlinking is a Little bit Long topic so Do not get Bore.

Play Quiz and Earn Some : - 
                             Play - Play - Play

➠With that, here’s  all things link building.
➟Link Authority
Not all links  created equal.

Specifically, links from trustworthy , authority websitecan pass additional PageRank to your site than a link from atiny low, low-authority web site.

There  2 main ways that of measurement authority: Domain Authority and Page Authority.
Domain Authority is that the site’s authority as an entirethus albeit a particular page doesn’t have a large amount of links inform to that, the Domain Authority means the page still has some authority to throw around.

Page Authority is that the authority of a particular webpage.

Obviously, you would like links from authority pages on high-authority websites.

 the sole rub is that these links square 
measure extraordinarily exhausting to urge.Focus On Links From Relevant Websites


As you begin to make links to your web site, keep one cardinal rule mind:
Get links from relevant websites”.

That’s as a result of links from sites associated with yours pass additional SEO price than links from sites in alternative industries.


+, links from relevant sites show Google that your links ar legit. After all, it's extremely unnatural if most of the links inform to your baking web site return from computer game blogs.

Note: It’s absolutely alright to get some links from unrelated websites. however if these links frame the majority of your link profile, you have got a tangle

  • Search Intention

  • Search Intention is  User Intention  Like what User want ?

    Search Intent (also typically referred to as “User Intent”) is that the primary reason that somebody performs a groundworkbecause it seems, there ar four main kinds of Search Intents.

    understanding search intent a part of succeeding with SEO in 2020

    This Pic shows what Parts are important for User intention : what i Already Talked. 

    • Optimize Your Images to Drive More Traffic

     I do this Every time I write My  Blogs.

    Interesting Fact is you know i get to know about this 
    after one month of writing almost 5 blogs.

    NOW, ⧫

    Here’s a secret that the majority don’t apprehend about: Google Image Search will send tons of traffic to your blog if you optimize your pictures properly!

    WHAT TO DO ? 
    All you  try to to is add Alt Text to your pictures⬆⬆⬆. 

    To do this, click on your image and specify the choice text as shown Above.

    ⧬Add  applicable description within the different Text box thus Google will acknowledge what the image is all regarding and facilitate your potential readers discover it once they do Google image search.

    Apart from Alt text thing.
       Make your images Optimized , Like how ?
      You will use a Apk or website to make your Blog Header images 
      It is 600kb of size, 

    Now you have to Optimize its Size to 50 kb last.

    Open   and Upload your image , this website will Optimize your image upto 50 kb.

    Optimized image and Alt text thing tells Google That this image has alt text and optimized . so your Blog and image loads fast.

    ⬊ Next.
    • Use Keywords that are in your Blog in Heading and Subheadings.
    There’s some correlation between keywords within the title tag and Google rankings.

    Alongside, i like to recommend you employ your primary keyword and its completely different variation in your content’s heading tags furthermore.

    But don’t stuff your keywords in an endeavor to control your site’s ranking as a result of which will have a negative impact.

    Just like I Use My Keywords In title , SEO in Heading , SEE .

    Thank you very much for Reading till last this blog ! Too much Appreciation and please let me by Comment Below Please Do follow Facebook page and twitter :)


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    Confessions of A Computer Freak: How to Do Backlinking to Get Unlimited Traffic ? SEO 2020
    How to Do Backlinking to Get Unlimited Traffic ? SEO 2020
    seo, SEO 2020, Search Engine Optimisation, Traffic, Backlink, Cyber Security, Cyber crime, cyber security solutions, Search Engine optimization Digital Marketing course, seo beginner course,How to Do Backlinking to Get Unlimited Traffic ? SEO 2020
    Confessions of A Computer Freak
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