How To Make More Money With SEO ADVANCE 2020?

How To Make More Money With SEO ADVANCE 2020?,Seo, SEO, Search Engine Optimisation, Traffic, website traffic so much, Cyber Security, Cyber crime, cyber security solutions, Backlink, Google trends, SEO 2020, Google Rank,



Well I Hope You all Are Extremely Fine and Welcome A New Today Blog.

 so What We are gonna Do today is Discuss and info about SEO Advance 2020.

first thing first always.

Have you Read The Blog of SEO Basics 2020 ➹ if Not :
 Read first ⟳

Now ,  This Blog can be Long so Be with me.
                  Read full blog, you will definately get  some                                  knowledge of Digital Marketing.

➡What is in SEO Advance 2020.

  • How Search Engines Work
  • How SEO Works
  • Organic vs. Paid Results
  • Why Is SEO Important?
  •  Keywords
  • SEO-Friendly Content
  • On-Page SEO 
  • Technical SEO
  • Link Building Basics - Backlinks
  • Search Intention
  • Optimize Your Images to Drive More Traffic
  • Use Your Keywords in the Title and Subheadings

➠Do you need to drive additional organic traffic to your blog? WHO doesn’t! As a bloggeryou wish your journal to rank high on Google and show up within the results for each relevant search.

How Search Engines Work?


I have told you about  “what is SEO?, it’s time to find out however search engines like Google truly work.

When you rummage around for one thing in Google (or the other search engine), associate degree algorithmic program works in period of time to bring you what that programme considers the “best” result.

Specifically, Google scans its index of “hundreds of billions” of pages so as to search out a collection of results that may best answer your search.

How will Google verify the “best” result?
  • Relevancy

If you rummage around for “chocolate chip cookie recipes”, you don’t need to examine websites regarding truck tires.

That’s why Google appearance first-and-foremost for pages that square measure closely-related to your keyword.

  • Authority

Authority is simply find it irresistible sounds: it’s Google’s method of crucial if the content is correct and trustworthy.

The question is: however will Google apprehend if a page is authoritative?

They look at the amount of alternative pages that link thereto page:

(Links from alternative pages area unit referred to as “backlinks”)
In general, the a lot of links a page has, the upper it'll rank:

(In fact, Google’s ability to live authority via links is what separates it from search engines, like Yahoo, that came before it).
  • Usefulness
Google measures utility for the most part supported “User expertise Signals”.

In different wordshowever users move with the search results. If Google sees that individuals love a specific search result, it'll get a major ranking boost:


➟How SEO Works

SEO works by optimizing your website for the programme that you just wish to rank for, whether or not it’s Google, Bing, Amazon or YouTube.

Specifically, your job is to create positive that a research engine sees your website because the overall best result for a person’s search.

In most cases, once individuals suppose “search engine optimization”, they suppose “Google SEO”that is why we’re attending to specialise in optimizing your website for Google .

Optimization Means You have make your  website Seo-friendly Means Responsive means it will open faster on Browser.
so that your website opening time is lesser , you will get to know how to make ?

➟Organic vs. Paid Results

Search engine result pages separated into 2 distinct sections: organic and paid results.

  • Organic search results
(sometimes noted as “natural” resultssquare measure natural results that rank based mostly 100 percent on advantage.

In different words, there’s no thanks to pay Google or different search engines so as to rank higher within the organic search results.

Search engine rank the organic search results supported many completely different ranking factors. however normally, organic results square measure deemed by Google to be the foremost relative, trustworthy, and authoritative websites or web content on the topic.

When we point out “SEO”, we’re talking regarding ranking your web site above within the organic search results.

  • Paid search results 

Paid ads -   fully freelance of the organic listings. Advertisers within the paid results section square measure “ranked” by what quantity they’re square measure willing to procure one traveler from a selected set of search results (known as “Pay Per Click Advertising”). like Google Adwords  : You can Invest and also you can do free.

➟Why Is SEO Important?


Seo Plays an Very Major Role in Running website and Affects revenue .

In short: search could be a massive supply of traffic.
all traffic on the online starts with a Google search. And if you add along traffic from alternative fashionable search engines (like Bing, Yahoo, and YouTube)

all traffic of these other search Engines  originates from a google search engine.

➟ Keywords ➲Target the Right Keywords⧭

 Keyword analysis is one amongst the foremost necessary aspects of SEOthis could be the primary factor you ought to check up on after you arrange to learn the way to start out a diary. It lays down the inspiration of your optimisation and you shouldn’t grasp wrong.

By targeting the proper keywords, you'll be able to facilitate Google ⤉⤉⤉⤉⤉⤉perceive what your content is concerning. This will increase the probability of stoning up your articles in response to a hunt.

I have told you about keywords categories but i need to be specific of keywords in this blog, so do not get bored.⤦⤦⤦

Quiz link - Click me to play

Now ,

Finding Keywords

Here’s wherever you drill down into the precise words and phrases (search queries) that customers kind into the search box.

In general, keywords tend to fall under 2 main buckets: keywords individuals use to seek out what you sell (Product Keywords).

You also have keywords your target market uses once they’re not specifically searching for what you sell (Informational Keywords).
How regarding associate degree example?

If your website is Lyrical Website ? you write songs lyrics on your own
1." Song title" Lyrics 
2.Lyrics" Song"
3." Song title " lyrics in Hindi"

And to succeed with SEO, you would like to optimize pages on your web site around forms of keywords.

         ➥Now we  Need to Focus On Low Difficulty Keywords

The higher the keyword issue, the a lot of fierce the competition is and therefore the tougher it's to rank for.

When selecting keywords, the overall rule of thumb is to seek out those that have an honest traffic volume with low competition.

To find keyword , you'll either use a free tool og Google Alternative keyword finder and easy to find. 
Other: - 

Google adwords keyword planner
Moz keyword explorer
You can search by keyword generator or finder.

         ➥Now we  Need to  Focus On Long Tail Keywords


Long Tail keywords ar 3 or four phrase keywords that ar terribly specific to what you’re merchandisingthey're typically straightforward to rank owing to their low competition.

Whenever your potential web log reader uses a extremely specific search phrase on Google, they have an inclination to understand precisely what they’re searching for. And if you'll be able to produce content that matches that search intent, you’ll take care to rank high!

You need to use these keywords within the right places on your content, for instance, in title, description, and subheadings of your content.

➟SEO-Friendly Content

It’s no secret that SEO and content area unit closely coupled.
In general, the higher content you set out there, the upper you’ll rank. It’s (obviously) not that straightforwardhowever it’s a decent rule of thumb to follow as you write content for SEO.

Creating High-Quality diary Content

When the majority say things like “content is king”, they’re talking regarding the kind of insanely helpful content that gets revealed on blogs.

(In alternative words: not content that you’d realize on most product and services pages).

And there’s little question that manufacturing awing content will facilitate improve your Google rankings.
To succeed with program improvement these days, your web site has to place out wonderful stuff on an identical basic. something less merely won’t cut it.

➟On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is ensuring Google will notice your websites in order 

that they will show them within the search results. 

It additionally involves having have relevant, detailed, and helpful content to the search phrases you’re attempting to point out up for.

Specifically, Google scans your page for for specific words and phrases.

And once it sees a similar term over and yet again, Google says: “This page should be concerning this keyword!”.
That’s why it’s vital to use your target keyword on your page… while not going overboard.

⧭Now How to do On-page Seo ?
Install yoast Seo and enter your details - keywords title meta description and other thing.

1.Always write your main keyword in description.
Like cyber security is mine.  i have written it.
2.Use keywords in Content. {Seo,cyber security etc}
     Use yours.

You’ve in all probability detected that “high-quality content” is very important.
And it is.

The factor is although, high-quality content isn’t enough.

For your content to rank, it must be nothing but wonderful.

It additionally must meet the requirements of the people who hunt for your target keyword.

➟Technical SEO

Once i have told you about crawing and indexing of blogs in One of my Blog 
Check out also : -  

Technical SEO may be a Broad topic.

 the most goal with technical SEO is to confirm that search engines will simply notice and crawl all of the pages on your web site

however in recent years, technical SEO has distended to incorporate topics like web site loading speed, mobile optimisation and a lot of.

To be honest, most web site house owners don’t have to be compelled to worry that abundant regarding technical SEO.

(Especially if your web site runs in WordPress)
But Blogger web site house owners have to be compelled to do technical Seo.

With that, here’s an outline of a way to get your technical SEO so as (no writing skills required).

Google Search Console Will Verify your website if you're owner?
The Google Search Console could be a dashboard of your site’s health and performance in Google.

To use the GSC, you’ll got to verify that your the owner of your website (Google calls sites “Domain Properties”).

When you do, you’ll get access to Associate in Nursing impressive tool that shows you the way many folks see and click on on your website in Google’s search results:


The GSC is filled with useful options that enable you to submit your sitemap on to Google, see what number pages area unit indexedand plenty a lot of.


Use associate SEO-Friendly address Structure⇓⇓⇓
Most people don’t place tons of thought into their URLs.

When it involves URLs, make certain that:
  • Your address structure is consistent. That way, Google is aware of that class your pages representas an example, if you have got a class address like web, make certain that any coffee-related pages represent that category: web If you don’t use class pages, you'll have all of your URLs simply web

  • Use keywords in your URLs. No got to keyword stuff. simply make certain that your target keyword shows up once in your address. For example: web

  • Avoid junk.- SHORT Url  just don't take your blog space so Always Use Short Urls.
            Short Url Search in Google : bittly etc.


Measure and Optimize For PageSpeed
A slow loading web site isn’t simply annoying for users. It will hurt your SEO too.

Fortunately, Google doesn’t cause you to guess whether or not or not your website is slow.

In fact, they solely launched associate updated version of their PageSpeed Insights tool.


NOW Last 4 Topics Left . i Feel sorry , it would be a Long Long Blog
So i will just put those 4 Topics in next Blog.

Backlinks topic is very very important for traffic , so i will tell you how to do backlinking in next blog.

Till Then Thank you for reading and follow me on social media sites.


Thank you very much for Reading till last this blog ! Too much Appreciation and please let me by Comment Below Please Do follow Facebook page and twitter :)



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Confessions of A Computer Freak: How To Make More Money With SEO ADVANCE 2020?
How To Make More Money With SEO ADVANCE 2020?
How To Make More Money With SEO ADVANCE 2020?,Seo, SEO, Search Engine Optimisation, Traffic, website traffic so much, Cyber Security, Cyber crime, cyber security solutions, Backlink, Google trends, SEO 2020, Google Rank,
Confessions of A Computer Freak
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